Friday, September 11, 2015

Dahlberg Books Announces its new website!

Readers will have noticed that the website has malfunctined for about the past five years, ever since its webhost,  SiteStudio  went out of business. You can access it from this blog site but there has been no way to change the content. The company who took over SiteStudio seemed unable to solve the problem.

We are now building a new website from scratch: Eventually it will absorb the old site's essays, memoirs, and perhaps the links that are still relevant.  For now, we are updating the main pages. 

There have been no new posts here for the past month, while I have been finishing my seventh book, Achieving Large Goals, which I hope to have in print and online this fall. Excerpts may appear on  Old Doc's Blog from time to time.

I thank readers for their patience these past weeks, and hope to have more activity, and space for comments soon.